Miley Cyrus’ Kicks Off Her ‘Saturday Night Live’ Performances With ‘Bad Mood’

Miley Cyrus returned to music this year after a fairly long hiatus following her twerktastic adult pop breakout Bangerz, which, for the record, I genuinely thought had potential. However, a couple lead up interviews where she threw hip-hop under the bus left a bad taste in pretty much everyone’s mouth, considering she used to the (traditionally black) genre to establish herself as a sexual adult, and then critiqued it as soon as she needed to restore grace with the (traditionally white) fans from her country roots.

Either way, she’s returned to said roots, which she’s never really visited so explicitly in her music before on this year’s Younger Now, and she appeared on SNL tonight to do two songs off that album. To kick things off, Cyrus sets the tone with “Bad Mood.” While it doesn’t seem like she is not seriously in a bad mood on the show, spending time with Liam Hemsworth during the sketches and showing her wilder side in a taped performance alongside host Larry David.

You can check out the animated performance of “Bad Mood” above and stay tuned for the second performance. It is a more subdued Miley Cyrus, but she still seems ready to let her silly side fly while in 30 Rock.

(Via SNL)