Miley Cyrus’ Photos At Terry Richardson’s House Are…Something

Is Miley Cyrus hot? Is she overrated? Is she just batsh*t crazy? Is she most overrated twerker of all time?

All of these are probably true depending on who you ask. And these pictures will only make Dirty Montana fans more excited and the rest of us more perplexed.

Terry Richardson is the notorious photographer known for his sometimes sexy, oftentimes bizarre shoots with celebrities. He has a way with *cough*acid*cough* persuasion that gets his subjects to loosen up in pretty interesting ways. Of course, Miley Cyrus doesn’t need any loosening. Wait. That’s not what I meant.

Anyway, here’s the shoot in all its maybe sexy probably awkward glory. Add in some crotch grabs and an inexplicable “rap music” shirt and you have visual magic.

Pic via Terry Richardson’s Diary