This Miley Cyrus Superfan Just Found Out That The Miley Cyrus Concert Was Cancelled

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04.08.14 12 Comments

Miley Cyrus cancelled her “Bangerz” tour performance last night in Charlotte, North Carolina just 30 minutes prior to showtime — supposedly because of the flu — which meant that ticket holders who showed up had to be turned away at the door, and NOBODY was more disappointed than this young fan.

This poor kid. I feel for her, I really do. One time I called my favorite burrito place to order a tofu, spinach and guac burrito only to find out that they decided to close two hours early and I had pretty much the identical reaction. But hey, glass half full? At least she can maybe go see another Miley concert in the future, but unfortunately for me that burrito place closed shortly after so I never get to have that burrito ever again.

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