Glenn Danzig And The ‘Original Misfits’ Are Reuniting For The First Time In 33 Years

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Glenn Danzig has SOMETHING TO SAY: He’s reuniting with the “original Misfits” for the first time in 33 years. Every photographer’s worst nightmare will headline Riot Fest in Denver (Sept. 2-4) and Chicago (Sept. 16-18) with his fellow horror-punks, Jerry Only and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein. That trio last performed together on October 29, 1983, a 33-song set that included a Negative Approach cover and culminated with “Night of the Living Dead.”

According to a press release:

[From the time of their first gig in 1977], the MISFITS… cemented their importance with all ensuing generations, whether in arena-filled metal shows or in a sweaty 400-cap club in Tucson. And for the ‘First Time in over Three Decades,’ legions of diehard fans from around the world will have the opportunity to hear the Original Band that created thousands of bands in their wake.

After Danzig departed the Misfits in 1983, he formed Samhain, which later changed its name to Danzig because, according to the titular frontman, producer Rick Rubin “convinced me it was the way to go, and would also provide me with a lot more artistic freedom. After all, I was now in charge of where we were going musically, so if I didn’t want to do something, it was a lot easier to say so.” Meanwhile, Only has been with the Misfits the entire time, and Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein joined in 1980. There have been combinations of sparse members in the past, but a reunion of the core group has not happened in more than three decades. Meaning, there’s a good chance that this reunion, with those three, could turn into Green Room.

It’s going to be great. Tickets for Riot Fest can be purchased here.