Missy Elliott And HER Team Up To ‘Paint It Black’ In A Pair Of Super Bowl Ad Teasers

Rap icon Missy Elliott and burgeoning R&B superstar HER are teaming up to “Paint It Black” for a new Pepsi ad airing during the upcoming Super Bowl, and just released two teasers to pique fans’ interest for the full commercial. Yes, that is a Rolling Stones reference. While there are surely some rock fans out there pulling out their hair at the thought of these two artists doing a cover of the beloved classic, after watching these teasers, they just might be intrigued at the thought of how such a thing might turn out.

The ad itself promotes Pepsi Zero Sugar, but the highlight is the reimagined version of the rock-and-roll classic, which is co-produced by Missy and Timbaland, with guitar and vocals from HER and a verse from Missy herself. In the two teasers, you can hear a bar of that iconic riff as the two stars receive dramatic backlighting and rock theme-appropriate, all-black wardrobes. While HER strums the chords on her guitar, Missy watches a turntable spin a record with the Pepsi logo on the label and cracks open a can of Pepsi Zero Sugar. There’s not a lot to go on, but if you’re the type of person who primarily watches the Super Bowl for the outrageous ads, there’s enough here to be excited about.

Watch Missy Elliott and HER’s new Super Bowl ad teasers above.

Missy Elliott is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.