Watch Mitski’s Stunning Solo Performance Of ‘Geyser’ On ‘The Daily Show’

Indie rock darling Mitski is seriously on the rise. After opening for Lorde earlier this year, Mitski is playing larger venues than ever on her solo tour behind her new album Be The Cowboy slated for this fall, and it seems like everyone who didn’t know her music is finally catching on. Mitski guested on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah last night to treat listeners with a stunning solo acoustic performance of her single “Geyser.”

Mitski also sat down to chat with Noah, and opened up about “gendered criticisms” of her music.

“I go back and forth, ’cause on one hand, I would like the audience or the listener to get whatever they need to out of the song, so if they need to imagine me writing in my diary, then I guess that’s healthy. But the thing is, it’s so gendered, you know? I don’t think I would get as many critiques where people say my music was confessional or raw if I wasn’t who I am. And I think there’s so much effort in taking away my authority or autonomy over my own music.”

So much of the praise for Mitski’s music centers around her honest and “raw” songwriting, but it’s important not to forget that Mitski is also a powerful performer and skilled guitarist. Her lyrics are incredible on paper, but they’re taken to a new level with her performance.

Watch Mitski’s performance of “Geyser” above, and her interview with Noah below.—embracing-a-uniquely-american-mythos-with–be-the-cowboy—-extended-interview

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