Mitski’s Cover Of Bleachers’ ‘Let’s Get Married’ Is A Muted Reimagining

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To celebrate the end of his album cycle, BleachersJack Antonoff is releasing a series of covers of songs from 2017’s Gone Now. Terrible Thrills, Vol. 3 will feature covers from indie pop band MUNA, Julien Baker, Ani DiFranco, and more, and will be available exclusively via vinyl 7-inches that will be shipped throughout 2019.

The first of those 7-inchess has arrived. Mitski‘s cover of “Let’s Get Married” is beautiful and quiet. Stripped down from the bombastic and joyful production of Antonoff’s version, Mitski’s cover lets the song’s romantic lyrics and optimistic melody shine. In a tweet, Antonoff revealed that the Mitski cover sounds true to his original imagining of the song; the “drums and big production came later.”

Although the cover is vinyl-only and Antonoff has no plans to release it digitally, the singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist doesn’t mind if fans share the cover digitally. “The vinyl will never be repressed but feel free to share the music online,” Antonoff wrote in a tweet. “I love these recordings and want them to be passed around.” The singer even re-posted a fan-ripped .mp3 file of the Mitski cover, letting those of us without a vinyl collection listen to the song. Vinyl is alive, and so is peer-to-peer file sharing.

Listen to Mitski’s cover of “Let’s Get Married” and a previously unreleased Bleachers song, “Death Of Mickey Mantle,” here.

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