Mobb Deep’s Seminal Debut ‘Juvenile Hell’ Comes To Vinyl For The First Time For Its 25th Anniversary

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In celebration of Mobb Deep‘s seminal debut album Juvenile Hell‘s 25th anniversary, Urban Legends/UMe has released a vinyl version of the album for the first time ever. The LP comes in both standard black vinyl as well as a head-turning, limited edition red vinyl pressing.

While the Queensbridge duo’s later releases Hell On Earth and The Infamous would go on to become game-changing rap classics, Juvenile Hell laid the blueprint for what would come to be known as their signature sound, all ominous chords and lyrical menace. Their first project found Prodigy and Havoc at their rawest, before the limelight of rap stardom polished some of their grit away and eventually led them to break up and spend the latter part of their careers feuding. They eventually reconciled, but never reached the same heights commercially or critically before Prodigy passed away last year from complications related to his sickle-cell anemia.

However, their influential legacy lives on, both in the classic records they left behind and in Havoc’s continued production and lyrical work with the likes of The Alchemist and Kanye West. The release of Juvenile Hell on vinyl for the first time just proves that the real live on.

You can purchase both versions of the LP here.