Mobb Deep Try And Snatch Monica’s Spotlight With The #ShookOnesChallenge

Poor Monica can’t seem to have anything for herself. Whether it’s an internet freestyle challenge or “The Boy,” someone’s always creeping and trying to take away what’s hers. Mobb Deep are the latest people trying to snatch the spotlight from the “So Gone” singer. Using social media, the East Coast legends called on everyone to freestyle over their classic “Shook Ones Pt. II” and tag it with #ShookOnesChallenge.

“No disrespect to those doing the #SoGoneChallenge but we want to know where the real spitters at?” the duo wrote in an Instagram post announcing the challenge. “Prodigy made the call so it’s on #ShookOnesChallenge let’s go! No whack ish allowed.”

Plenty of people gleefully took to the chance to rap over one of hip-hop’s most-recognizable beats.

Though nobody killed it in quite the same way as Zachary Fox. The guy who makes crazed neon art as BOOTYMATH brought some Das Racist-style skewering to the whole challenge with his entry:

Of course, there is the valid question of whether or not this challenge needs to exist in the first place. If hip-hop had a book of standards, “Shook Ones (Part II)” would probably be in there, since just about everybody has freestyled over it at some point.

Eminem (or B-Rabbit, if you wanna be that guy) took it on in 8 Mile:

Kendrick Lamar rapped over it at the 2013 BET Awards:

And Method Man and Redman were freestyling over it mere months after the original dropped:

So, the question of whether or not this was necessary will likely never be answered. But at least Rap Twitter found a way to wile away a few hours.