Montell Jordan Gives James Corden A ‘This Is How We Do It’ Birthday Surprise

It is James Corden’s birthday and The Late Late Show got into a very festive mood during a slew of surprise well wishes to the host on his big day. Not only did we get to hear from Corden’s lovely parents once again, he also got to hear from his sisters, his favorite West Ham player Mark Noble, and his favorite band, O-Town. But the real gift came at the end courtesy of Montell Jordan.

It seems like he’s off remotely like the rest of the birthday wishes, but it turns out that Jordan is live and he’s ready to sing his iconic tune, “This Is How We Do It” with Corden. It seems to really take the host by surprise, but the true gift comes at the end of the performance when Jordan introduces Corden to his special “This Is How We Do It” button. Much like Conan’s Walker Texas Ranger lever from the old NBC days, this is Corden’s go to for when things get depressing or he just needs a pick-me-up during a show.

It’s been twenty years, but Jordan’s tune hasn’t lost that feel-good luster. Probably has a lot to do with the Slick Rick sample — and Bob James by proximity, which is more important — but there might not be a bad time for that song. Hopefully, Corden keeps it going until his next birthday.

(Via The Late Late Show)