MorMor’s Second Single ‘Whatever Comes To Mind’ Is Soulful Dream Pop At Its Finest

On his first single, “Heaven’s Only Wishful,” Toronto musician MorMor showed a keen ability to float between genres on a single song without sounding disorganized or unfocused. It’s a real achievement, and now he’s following it up with a soulful and dreamy new single, “Whatever Comes To Mind,” which proves his debut track was no fluke.

It’s a strong follow-up: The song ventures more into straight up dream pop territory than his previous single did, and it works brilliantly with the soul and R&B influence from both the instrumentation and his falsetto vocals. What results is an endlessly engaging track that comes off like Beach House meets The Weeknd’s less pop-oriented moments.

MorMor hasn’t announced a debut album or anything like that yet, although he previously said back in February that he has “a collection of songs that I plan on releasing in the near future.” He’s also previously discussed his vibrant history of musical interests, which probably explains his genre-hopping abilities, saying, “The Beatles were the first band I loved. My favorite song was ‘Strawberry Fields.’ Later I got into Motown and like, the typical bands such as Nirvana, AC/DC, and shit like that. I’ve definitely gone though different phases when it comes to the music I would listen to… anything from Feist to Wu-Tang. I became fixated on certain moments within a song.”

Listen to “Whatever Comes To Mind” above.