Morrissey Sees No Difference Between Eating Animals And Paedophilia

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01.05.14 22 Comments

When last we checked in with Morrissey, he was yelling at people who eat meat. On Thursday, in a question-and-answer session with fanzine True to You, he was…yelling at people who eat meat. But this time, rather than coining catchy terms like “Thankskilling,” Morrissey admitted that he sees no difference between a human eating an animal and a human raping and murdering a small child. He must be a fun guy to hang out with.

Knowing that you are a loyal and proud vegetarian, I would like to ask you what is it that motivated you to stop eating meat for good?

If you have access to You Tube, you should click on to what is called The video the meat industry doesn’t want you to see. If this doesn’t affect you in a moral sense then you’re probably granite. I see no difference between eating animals and paedophilia. They are both rape, violence, murder. If I’m introduced to anyone who eats beings, I walk away. Imagine, for example, if you were in a nightclub and someone said to you “Hello, I enjoy bloodshed, throat-slitting and the destruction of life,” well, I doubt if you’d want to exchange phone numbers. (Via)

“I Doubt If You’d Want to Exchange Phone Numbers” is my favorite Smiths B-side. Anyway, even vegetarians might have trouble aligning themselves with Morrissey here. Once you go down the road of a sentence beginning with “see no difference” and ending “paedophilia,” you’re somewhere you don’t want to be. Unless you’re Ian Watkins.

For the rest of us normal people, though, we’ll silently be eating our veggie burgers over here.

(Banner via Getty Image, via True to You)

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