Here Are The Most Popular Drugs Used At Every Major Music Festival

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Music festivals and drug use go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or frat bros and beer pong.

It wouldn’t be a major festival without 20-somethings lolling around in a drug-addled blur. But which drugs match up with which festivals? did some research to find the obvious: People get f*cked up on different stuff depending on what their music preference is.

The pith of their study:

[] collated over three million Instagram postings that mentioned 15 of the biggest musical festivals, and examined how many of them also mentioned drug use. (via)

So, what you’re telling me is… folks at the Marley Fest maybe like to smoke a marijuana cigarette or three? (You serious, bro?!) The Burning Man faithful is all about the hallucinogenic experience, dropping DMT and shrooms to the tune of 8 percent of their Instagram mentions. Also shocking.

The real surprise here — if there are any — is just how prevalent crack use is at Bonnaroo and Glastonbury, while its parent drug cocaine remains a lone leader at Coachella. Basically, Coachella will do all the blow in the world, but wouldn’t dare turn that to crack. Never.

Check out the kooky graphic below. Oh, and kids: Don’t use drugs.


(Via Consequence of Sound)