MTV: Still Lame As All Hell

Oh hey you guys did you hear about how Burger King and Jeep had their Twitter accounts hacked by an Anonymous hacker who is probably a New England-area DJ? Well what’s the lamest thing a big brand could do to respond to that? Fake their own Twitter hacking, of course. And that’s just what MTV did this afternoon!

Yes, the network that doesn’t play music anymore because it’s way more profitable to exploit fame-hungry dolts on reality shows like Jersey Shore, Buckwild and 16 And Pregnant faked its own Twitter hacking to make it look like a BET-loving hacker had taken the reigns.

After it’d garnered a few headlines, the person behind MTV’s social media let everyone off the hook and admitted it was all an impossibly lame ploy for attention.

Actually, MTV, you guys have been Catfishing all of us for way longer than that. And this is obviously all Patrick Carney’s fault.

Meanwhile, Anonymous is not amused…

Good luck with that, MTV. Hopefully Anonymous will do us all a favor and kick the networks shitty programming off the air for a few hours and replace it with music videos. What an awesome slice of irony that would that be?!