This Metal Band’s Graphic Anti-Donald Trump T-Shirt Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

It’s no secret that a lot of musicians feel some type of way about Donald Trump, but Richmond thrash metal icons Municipal Waste took their Trump hatred to the next level with some t-shirts they created for a recent Los Angeles show. The front features the band’s logo floating over an illustration of Donald Trump making TrumpFace while shooting himself in the head, and the back counters one of Trump’s favorite campaign planks with the slogan: “The only walls we build are Walls of Death.”

Waste’s frontman Tony Foresta spoke to Noisey about the reactions his shirt has received, and said he was surprised both by how much attention it’s getting and how many people are angry at them for making the shirts.

“It’s kind of crazy. We’re making so much money off of it that we might actually turn into Republicans! Okay, not really, but it’s selling pretty good. A lot of people don’t like that guy. I’ve been reading some of the comments from people that are “shocked” that we would say something bad about Trump. We talked about killing George Bush on our first freaking album!…I know 80 percent of our Waste songs are about drinking and all, but I swear, there’s some content in there, dammit!”

Foresta also admitted that there are some things he likes about Trump, namely that the best time for angry music comes under terrible presidents.

“Yeah, the Richmond hardcore scene was the sh*t when George Bush was president. I blame Obama for Wasted Time breaking up. The only thing I really enjoyed by Trump was when Stone Cold stunned him on WWE. I also got drunk in one of his casinos by accident once. That’s about it.”

Check out the rest of the interview over at Noisey to see Foresta talk about how he’s much more frightened of his mom than any legal pushback from Trump.