Watch Rowlf From ‘The Muppets’ Sing Biz Markie’s ‘Just A Friend’ About Miss Piggy

To play the piano right, you’ve got to have the weight of pain in your fingertips — or, in this case, paws.

Rowlf the Dog has always seemed like a tortured soul behind that fake smile, with those big eyes and those floppy ears. After seeing this video of Rowlf synched up (thanks to a mix of Rowlf’s earlier performances on The Muppet Show and some editing magic) with Biz Markie’s classic moan about a trifling woman and her “friend” on the side, everything has become a lot clearer. Kermit isn’t a frog, he’s a damn snake who jacked Rowlf’s piggy bae. As for Miss Piggy, she’s been playing with my man’s heart since Muppet Babies — duplicitous.

Source: YouTube