Watch An LA Rapper Try Set A World Record By Rapping For 24 Hours Straight

Murs is attempting to set the world record for longest rap right now.

While there is no current record, Murs has to rap for 24 hours to qualify, barring a five-minute break every hour. The Los Angeles rapper started rapping at 9 a.m. PST on Wednesday (October 12) and will record until 11 a.m. tomorrow if all goes to plan. Murs conceived the stunt as a way to end the season of his show Where You At? LA, but says he didn’t fully realize what he’d gotten himself in to until after he pitched it.

“Once I volunteered to break the record for rapping and my team loved the idea, my heart kind of sunk a little,” he said in a release about his new mission. “Doing anything for more than 24 hours straight is insane, but to rap lyrics live for that long in front of the world is a huge test for me.”

The rapper seems to be taking the attempt seriously. He’s shared clips to Instagram that feature healthy meals and four-hour sessions to prime himself for thr 24-hour marathon. He streamed those sessions via his Twitch channel to give fans an idea of what to expect.

You can check in on Murs, backed by an unsettling clock made of counting hands, via the stream up top.