A Brooklyn Musician Murdered His Bandmates After They Kicked Him Out Of The Group

In “it’s amazing Pete Best never did this” news, a Brooklyn musician, allegedly furious after being kicked out of the Iranian indie-rock outfit the Yellow Dogs, went on a killing spree this morning in Bushwick, murdering his three former bandmates and wounding another before taking his own life. New York Magazine reports:

Early on Monday, the killer, who may have been kicked out of the band, approached a townhouse on Maujer Street (also home to well-known Iranian graffiti artists) and shot someone standing outside, leaving them wounded. He then moved through the building firing a military-style rifle, killing three people. When police arrived on the scene, he fired at them from the rooftop, then shot himself to death.

The gunman has not yet been identified. (Via)

Have a listen to one of their songs, “This City,” about the wonders of Brooklyn. Tragic.

(Banner via Facebook, via New York)