All The Ways Your Favorite Musicians Have Been Trying To Get Out The Vote

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After what seems like an eternity of election talk, the day has finally arrived for Americans to decide their next leader. It’s being called one of the most important elections of our lifetime, and the tense emotions ran high as I stood in line to cast my vote at 7AM this morning.

Over the last few weeks, many musicians have used their platform to encourage their fans to get out and vote, to denounce some candidates, and promote others. To celebrate this historic day, here’s a list of musicians working with their fans to encourage voting.

Chance The Rapper leads thousands of residents through the streets of Chicago to vote early

After hosting a free concert, Chance The Rapper led a “Parade To The Poles” to the early voting center, where he submitted his ballot before the rest of the crowd entered the polling center.

Death Cab For Cutie, R.E.M., Modern Baseball, more join together for anti-Trump compilation

Nearly fifty artists have released new, original music for the 30 Days, 30 Songs campaign to “speak out against the ignorant, divisive, and hateful campaign of Donald Trump.” Check out our interview with the guy that put the whole thing together.

Madonna performs surprise free concert in New York’s Washington Square Park in support of Clinton

After teasing an intimate Monday-night concert, Madonna appeared in Washington Square Park last night to perform a few songs in support of Hillary Clinton. “Please come out tomorrow,” she told the crowd. “Vote with your heart, vote with your mind, vote with your spirit, vote with your soul. Save this country, please. Vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton!”

YG giving away free “F*ck Donald Trump” bagels in Compton

Working with his non-profit 4 Hundred Waze and bagel truck Yeastie Boys, YG will be handing out free red-colored bagels named after the track on his latest album Still Brazy.

Taylor Swift urges fans to vote on Instagram
T-Swift posts a picture of herself waiting on line at the polling center and saying “go out and VOTE.” The comments on this one are seriously all over the place.

Daveed Diggs and the Roots’ Black Thought freestyle about the importance of voting on Jimmy Fallon

Daveed Diggs trades verses with Black Thought on a freestyle urging viewers to head to the poles, but only after Fallon spontaneously pulls out a microphone from behind his desk.

Marilyn Manson cuts of Donald Trump’s head in new “Say 10” music video

It’s only a clip, but that sure looks like Donald Trump’s mangled, headless body lying in a pool of blood while Manson holds a bloody knife.

Green Day change ‘American Idiot’ lyrics to blast Donald Trump

Shortly after being awarded the Global Icon award at the MTV European Music awards, Green Day took the stage to play their hit 2004 track ‘American Idiot,’ switching the lyrics to “and can you hear the sounds of hysteria, the subliminal mind-Trump America.”

Grimes posts a grim remake of Lyndon Johnson’s 1964 election ad that threatens Nuclear war

The Canadian pop star posted a video to Twitter that remakes Johnson’s fear-mongering nuclear war clip from the ’60s.

Gucci Mane urging young voters to vote because he currently can’t

Guwop gave a speech at Florida Memorial University, urging young people of color specifically to vote for their future.