Musicians In MS Paint: A Redditor Shares His Talent (?)

A couple of days ago Redditor manmalade announced to the rest of the r/funny community: “I have a talent for being able to draw famous musicians with MS paint. Requests welcome!” As far as I can tell from digging through comments he spent the rest of the day churning out the requests of other Redditors from his cubicle while get no other legitimate work done at his day job. Respect.
Not to brag or anything, but I clocked in many a hour on a Gateway desktop in the 90’s creating some fairly spectacular MS Paint renditions of my favorite NBA players in action. They weren’t quite as masterful as manmalade’s creations, but I do have a keen eye and an appreciation for the medium, its limitations, embracing the crudeness, and fashioning yourself as an unpaid internet caricature artist. MS Paint will never lead to riches or women or legitimate recognition of any sort, but it can make you an internet hero for a day.
Here are twenty of the finest impromptu works of the Reddit Picasso.
Reddit via BIOTV
Walken from “Weapon of Choice.” It counts!
And Jay-Z as a camel for a reason I’m not clear on.