Musicians React To The News That Donald Trump Will Be The Next President

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After an arduous election the results are in: Donald Trump is president. This news feels shocking on some level, it was such a hard-fought election, but the history of our nation reveals that this eventual outcome was also expected. Of course, after a long campaign in which musicians have been exceeding vocal, there are a lot of reactions from the music industry in the wake of the news. Most of them are completely surprised, some are angry, some are sad. Everyone has something to say though, and at least the ability to express those opinions is still something we can hang onto in this country.

Trump never had a lot of support among musicians, who organized a 30 Days, 30 Songs campaign against him in the final days of the contest. Of course, hip-hop’s king and queen Jay Z and Beyonce were also openly for Hillary Clinton, as were a slew of many other members of the rap community, and plenty of other musicians from all genres — and countries for that matter. Chance The Rapper held an entire parade trying to get the Chicago vote out for Hillary, for that matter.

Here are some of their thoughts given the outcome of tonight, their frustration, and their hopes for the future of this country.

Janelle Monae voiced her shame:

John Legend pointed out that accepting a president who specifically targets minorities is a hard concept to wrap your mind around:

Yoko Ono offers the hope that people who are terrified by the uncertainty these results promise are not alone:

Questlove is wishing for a musical heyday that doesn’t exist right now:

Keri Hilson can’t believe the absurdity of the situation:

St. Vincent names Donald Trump a “demagogue” and decries her “sunny view” of humanity:

Aaron Carter welcomes Hillary’s comments about keeping an open mind toward Trump:

Diddy is taking solace in religion:

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Lady Gaga is protesting the outcome of the election at Trump tower, and spreading a message of love:

And she is supporting Black Lives Matter organizer DeRay McKesson:

E-40 is planning a stiff drink:

Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee is calling on people of privilege to start considering how they can help those who will be targeted under a Trump presidency:

Lance Bass is striking a hopeful tone as an openly gay man:

Cher lays in to Gary Johnson and stands strong on her assertion that Trump is a toilet: