These Musicians Are Just As Stressed About The Outcome Of The Election As You Are

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11.08.16 3 Comments

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After what already feels like a never-ending election, tonight is the night! We’ll be bringing in the polls along with the rest of the world, but in the meantime, it’s the wait that has everyone on pins and needles. Obviously, this election has been a fairly divisive one, but countless musicians have indicated their investment in the race time and time again.

Perhaps it is surprising to some, but the hip-hop world has been particularly supportive of Hillary Clinton. Beyonce and Jay Z have been at the forefront of the last-minute Clinton campaigning crew, too.

But all of that comes down to tonight, and as Americans across the country wait for the final results, they’re using Twitter to blow off steam, stay up to date on breaking state calls and laugh at gaffes. In moments like this, the app really does fulfill its purpose as an international town square of sorts, bringing us all together to share insights, fears, and memes, while we await the direction of our country’s future will take with baited breath.

The musicians who have been vocal about politics all throughout the election aren’t quitting now, and here’s some of their reactions to tonight’s waiting game.

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