My Bloody Valentine’s Back Catalogue Is Getting Remastered For Vinyl

My Bloody Valentine are an iconically noisy band. I had a friend who saw the shoegaze legends during their reunion tour a few years ago — the pummeling bass was so loud, and shook the floor so much, that she passed out during the show. She saw them again the next night. MbV are not for the faint of, um, ears, and for that matter, should not be listened to on cheap earbuds. Vinyl is the way to go, except, unfortunately, the remastered versions of Isn’t Anything and Loveless are only available on CD. That’s about to change.

Here’s the story according to My Bloody Valentine’s old record label, Creation:

“Kevin Shields has promised for many years the albums will see a vinyl repress and with him working with the old analogue recordings things must finally be in progress. He is seen remastering and cutting the recordings at Abbey Road studios alongside mastering engineer Sean Magee below.”

There’s no word on whether My Bloody Valentine’s EPs, including The New Record by My Bloody Valentine and Glider, will also receive the vinyl treatment, which is probably just as well. Your neighbors are already going to be calling the cops when you’re, ironically, blasting “When You Sleep” at 3 a.m.

(Via FACT)