Nao Stakes Her Claim On An Unsuspecting Guy In The Music Video For ‘Girlfriend’

Since London R&B futurist Nao released her February 15 EP last spring, I’ve used every possible opportunity to turn people on to her. She was my pick for the unfairly unheralded class of 2015 and her beautiful “Bad Blood” video remains one of my favorite clips (and songs) to drop last year. Now, she’s released her just as excellent debut full-length For All We Know, which means we get more excellent tracks and visuals like “Girlfriend.”

The video follows Nao as she tries to lock down one of the only men in an apartment complex full of women. Nao lays her “Aaliyah, if Aaliyah was actually from outer space” vibes all over this track.

The man must also be from the great beyond, because for all her efforts, he doesn’t react at all. There’s also balloons at one point? Look, I don’t pretend to know what goes on in Nao’s head. She had trees sprouting out of priest’s mouths in that “Bad Blood” clip, and I don’t expect her to get any less strange. All I know is she sounds like absolutely nothing else and you need to give it a listen. Check out the clip up top.

For All We Know is out now on RCA.