Natalie Prass Delivered A Glittering, Dancing Throwback Performance Of ‘Short Court Style’ On ‘Conan’

When Natalie Prass emerged with her self-titled debut in early 2015, there was little question that the music world had found an exciting new voice. And seeing her perform on that album revealed her to be a commanding stage presence, often playing guitar along with her band and brandishing a voice that sounded angelic. But on Conan last night, Prass showed a bit of herself that wasn’t always apparent on her previous cycle: Natalie Prass has moves.

Natalie Prass’ “Short Court Style” performance wasted no time in its reveal. The song opens up with Prass showcasing her dancing skills, not wielding a guitar but only holding a microphone. This might sound like a small step to some, but the act of putting down an instrument and focusing solely on singing and dancing is a terrifying, brave leap for musicians. But everything about the tune, right down to Prass’ epic pink suit, screamed confidence. Even only two albums into her career — sophomore record The Future And The Past is due on June 1 via ATO — Prass is establishing herself as a versatile rock star.

Check out Natalie Prass’ ‘Short Court Style’ Conan performance above, and look for her new album coming out early in the summer.