The National Continue To Be ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Muse On Their Latest Thanksgiving Collaboration

Based on just tone, The National seems like an unlikely band to collaborate with Fox’s long-running animated comedy Bob’s Burgers. But that hasn’t stopped the buttoned-up indie rockers from frequently finding ways to pay homage to the show. Last year they covered “Bad Stuff Happens In The Bathroom” and years before that had seen the band offer up video covers of songs for Thanksgiving (twice!) and Chrismas. Basically, The National have become the Bill Murray to Bob’s Burgers‘ Wes Anderson, with the latter bringing out some of the best work of the former.

This year, The National once again pay homage to both the show and the feastiest of holidays, this time with a cover of last week’s end-credits music, “Give It To Teddy.” On one level, it sounds perfectly in sync with The National’s recent work —particularly this year’s excellent Sleep Well Beast— until you begin to dive into the lyrics. The fact that frontman Matt Berninger can rattle off a line like “But is a Gerald Ford bobblehead that doesn’t really bobble really worth your trouble, Teddy?” without breaking the band’s straight-faced character is an accomplishment on its own.

Give The National’s Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving cover of “Give It To Teddy” a listen above.