If You’re Going To Coachella Or Stagecoach, Here Are Your Dream Accommodations

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The trip out to the desert can be a long, dusty and obviously hot one. Palm Springs is one of those weird, rare meccas that draws countless of visitors — Californian or otherwise — every year, especially during peak season. For events like Coachella, and its sister country music festival Stagecoach, finding a place to stay can be precarious and pricey. But it doesn’t have to be that way — especially if you start planning now and get a good group of people to pitch in.

Instead of splurging on a fancy hotel, why not rent out a historical home in the area? That’s the conceit behind Natural Retreats, a new luxury resort hub of historical homes in the area — and around the country — that allows you to book lodging at one of the homes in their Beau Monde Villas collections instead of dealing with the hassle and frigidity of a hotel, the brutishness of camping, or the disorganization of an Airbnb.

I’ve been to enough music festivals to know that while it may seem fun and glamorous to watch ten or twenty (or thirty) of your favorite bands over the course of one weekend, it can also be grueling. If you’re not getting enough sleep and proper nutrition, it can even be potentially exhausting. Booking a nice place to stay can be the difference between actually enjoying that Beyonce performance you invested so much in seeing and wishing you were back home watching from a screen.

And once you’re out in the desert, it might just be feasible to hang for a few more days or weeks, right? Check out some potential — or daydream — options below from Natural Retreats Palm Springs estates.

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