Watch Neil Young Perform A Special Live Show In His Hometown In North Ontario

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Neil Young is going home. Tonight, to celebrate both the release of his latest new album The Visitor, as well as the grand opening of his immense, online archive, the legendary singer-songwriter is performing an intimate one-off show in the tiny town of Omemee, a place he called home as a young boy.

“I’ll be playing for you on December 1st, and it will be my pleasure,” Young wrote on Facebook a few weeks back. “Live from Canada and around the world to your Hometown. Thanks to all those who will make it happen by listening and watching.”

According to Global News Canada, the show is set to run somewhere in the 90-minute range and will be open to 200 invited guests. Neil’s girlfriend, the actress Daryl Hannah, has reportedly been spotted scoping out the area in the past several weeks and is said to be one of the event’s producers.

For an artist who fixes their gaze so much on the future, Young has been doing a lot of looking back lately. The arrival of his immense online archive, which contains several, as-yet-released full-length album projects, must have surely sparked a sense of nostalgia inside of him, thus the trip back to the noted, “town in Ontario,” he so eloquently described in the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song, “Helpless.”

You can catch Neil live above.

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