The Trailer For Neil Young’s Western Movie ‘Paradox’ Is Here, And It Doesn’t Look Super High-Budget

Last month, it was announced that Neil Young would act in a strange-sounding Western movie called Paradox, directed by his girlfriend, Daryl Hannah. If you’re not into the movie, the good news is that Young recorded a new soundtrack for it. If you’re on the fence about the film, let the new trailed above help you make up your mind.

The trailer begins with footage of dry deserts and other classic Western imagery, over which a narrator says, “Many moons ago, in the future, a mangy group of outlaws hid out by a precious water source while the real bad guys quietly stole the seas of life.” Based on the 77 seconds of footage, Paradox, to put it one way, doesn’t appear to have had a huge budget. Maybe the trailer is deceiving, though, and either way, you can see for yourself when the movie premieres at SXSW.

Young has two quick appearances in the trailer: His character is referred to as “The Man In The Black Hat” as the camera quickly zooms in closely on his face, and later, he’s seen holding a guitar and handing a dandelion to a young girl carrying a bag containing “seeds of life.” The trailer itself bills the movie as “an unrealistic tale,” and that sounds about right. The movie was previously described:

“Time is fluid in this far-fetched, whimsical western tale of music and love. Somewhere in the future past, The Man In the Black Hat hides out between heists at an old stagecoach stop with Jail Time, the Particle Kid, and an odd band of outlaws. Mining the detritus of past civilizations, they wait… for the Silver Eagle, for the womenfolk, and for the full moon’s magic to give rise to the music and make the spirits fly.”

Watch the Paradox trailer above.