Nelly Tries And Fails To Explain Kelly Rowland’s Poor Texting Skills From The ‘Dilemma’ Music Video

The heyday of music videos featured a slew of different situations and stories that filled the halls of MTV’s Times Square studios from all genres. Nelly had his fair share of iconic videos before he decided to team up with Tim McGraw and ignore the IRS for a few years. He didn’t always go for the storylines, probably at their peak with any single released by R. Kelly, usually opting to go for a more “party” vibe. This could be the block party street sweeping — without the killing — from the “Country Grammar” video, the club dominance from the “Hot In Here” video, or your Miami invasion with P. Diddy in the “Shake Ya Tailfeather” video. I could have no clue what I’m talking about, but these videos were popular without trying too hard.

Then we come to the “Dilemma” music video, a production featuring former Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland and some texting habits that should be questionable for anybody. There’s a cross street love story, some yelling by Patti Labelle — sans her Sweet Potato Pie — and the moment below that made a return on the internet back in 2014:

This is what happens when you go from booty shaking and rapping to the camera to trying to tell a love story. If Stanley Kubrick had to drive people nuts to maintain continuity and avoid mistakes, how do you expect a budding music video director to do that.

Well on Friday, Nelly was on Australian chat show The Project and he was finally faced with answering for this technological mixup, failing miserably in the process:

“That was the thing at the time! That was the new technology at the time…It looks a little dated now”

Hey, maybe she’s just dumb. Maybe that’s what happened to end the romance between her and Nelly in the video. She couldn’t work her new phone, he moved on, she’s still waiting on a text via her Excel spreadsheet. It could make sense. Somebody needs to fantasy book this, write these two a new song, and get them to make a sequel to this video. Just 5 solid minutes of Nelly trying to explain to Kelly how to text.

It’s a pretty good song, though.

(Via Mashable)

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