Nelly’s Serenade Of An Underage Girl Onstage At A Show Is Unsettling To Watch

Nelly is currently engulfed in turmoil as he faces rape allegations following an incident that occurred on his tour bus after a show in Washington. The 42-year-old was eventually arrested and released and has vehemently denied the allegations while police investigate the matter. A completely unrelated incident isn’t helping Nelly in the court of public opinion though, as video of him serenading a young girl at that same show in Washington has surfaced, and it is troubling.

“I appreciate you being here tonight,” the rapper is seen on stage telling the girl in fan video. “How you doing? You okay? You started school already? Yeah? You like your teacher? She’s a cool teacher? Okay. That’s very important that you like your teacher. You know that right?”

Bringing a young fan on stage isn’t so odd, but stroking her hair and singing a love song to her is, and that’s exactly what Nelly did after his initial spiel, diving into a performance of his 2004 hit “Over And Over” while the girl looks markedly uncomfortable. The timing couldn’t be worse, but according to some conspicuously now-deleted tweets, Nelly has done this at several shows.

Watch the video above.

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