New Order Reunited In Brussels Last Night And It Was Pretty Great

Last night in Brussels, Belgium one of my favorite bands of all-time reunited for the first time in years to play a charity show to help raise funds to help cover the medical bills of producer Michael Shamber, a longtime friend and business associate of members of the band who currently fights a “debilitating illness.” A few clips of the show have been uploaded to YouTube today by audience members and a lot of them are kind of sh*t — poor angles, awful audio, etc. — but at least one user’s vids (Johan Van Hees) from last night’s 15-song show are pretty f*cking fantastic.

The one I embedded above was the encore — a stellar cover of Joy Edition’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” As you may or may not know, New Order was formed by the surviving members of Joy Edition after lead singer Ian Curtis killed himself, so hearing the first few chords of the song sent a mild chill up my spine. (A side note: If you’ve never seen the two films made about Joy Division and Ian Curtis, I highly recommend them.)

Below is video of the band performing “Blue Monday.” Enjoy.

I can’t even begin to estimate how many hours I spent emo-ing out to this band’s music as a teenager. Ah memories!

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