Here’s What A New Orleans Brass Band Covering Daft Punk Sounds Like

Introducing Brassft Punk, an outfit created to do brass band covers of Daft Punk songs, because why not? It’s the brainchild of a New Orleans man (naturally) named Earl Scioneaux III, aka “Madd Wikkid.”

Reports Spin:

Brassft Punk is digital love turned analog, a project that reimagines Daft Punk’s greatest hits as rollicking numbers for blatting New Orleans brass. The project — the brainchild of Earl Scioneaux III, the recording engineer for the legendary traditionalists Preservation Hall Jazz Band — started as a modest side hustle funded by Kickstarter, but soon became a full-scale phenomenon when the group released a record with Chicago’s pioneering Trax Records. To keep pace with the sudden popularity, Scioneaux has developed a frenetic live show that blends electronic and acoustic improvisation. On May 18, Brassft Punk will take their biggest stage yet with their early slot at Alabama’s Hangout Music Fest.

The remixes are below. Enjoy.

And here’s Scioneaux III explaining his process/motivation…

(Via Boing Boing)