Nick Cannon Is Reminding Everyone Again That He Used To Have Sex With Kim Kardashian

07.10.15 3 years ago 6 Comments
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Since her marriage to Nick Cannon ended, Mariah Carey is doing pretty well for herself. For example, she’s dating some billionaire guy now. And I think it’s serious! Cannon on the other hand, is not dating anyone but he is posting throwback photos of his ex-girlfriends on social media, so that’s something?

On Thursday, the former Mr. Mariah Carey posted this photo of himself with Kim Kardashian, who he used to date. If you’ll recall, the last time he talked about dating Kardashian it basically ended his entire marriage. Glad it’s not a sore subject!

If you were wondering, here are some of the suggested captions people came up with:

Before he wasted Mariahs time

Lol, it’s this even real? Who makes a tb with his ex

Mariah be like Nick who

My caption would be “I’m disrespectful and distasteful, and don’t know the laws of exes and moving on”. Just whyyyyyy did you post this @nickcannon

I personally would have gone with “Spectacularly failed marriage and leaked sex tape later, this is still the most embarrassing thing to have happened to Kim Kardashain.”

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