Mariah Carey Probably Isn’t Going To Be Happy About This Radio Interview Nick Cannon Just Gave

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03.28.14 7 Comments

On the latest stop on Nick “Connor Smallnut” Cannon’s tries-too-hard publicity tour for his upcoming album, “White People Party Music” Cannon visited Power 106 to have a behind-the-scenes chat with Big Boy — who asked him a bunch of really inappropriate questions to ask a married man, probably knowing full well that Nick Cannon loves attention too much to understand what tact is. And tactful he was not!

Among the topics of conversation were when Nick Cannon lost his virginity, to the names of five famous women he’s slept with — which included Christina Milian, Nicole Scherzinger, Selita Ebanks and Kim Kardashian — the latter of which he made a really bad joke about. (As if there’s any other kind of Nick Cannon joke.) Also did you guys know that those two actually dated for a few months back in the fall of 2006? Apparently this is a thing that happened which provides even more evidence of Kim Kardashian’s terrible taste in men. I’m sure Mariah is totally cool dredging that up though!

Finally Big Boy asked him about his sex life and marriage to Mariah Carey, including the first time he “smashed” his wife (they later switch to more colorful terms) and you can finally kind of start to see the sweat bead on Nick’s forehead as he reveals intimate details of their wedding night. SO! Nick Cannon-Mariah Carey divorce watch? Who wants in? I’m calling it August 2014.

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