Nick Cave Is Releasing A New Concert Film Called ‘Distant Sky’

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In 2016, Nick Cave and his band, the Bad Seeds, released Skeleton Tree. The album and was written after the tragic, sudden death of Cave’s son, and along with the corresponding film One More Time With Feeling, became a piercing cultural document of the human grieving process. Following Skeleton Tree’s release, the band took the record on the road, and the concert they played in Copenhagen is being released as a one-night only screening in movie theaters around the world. The documentary, called Distant Sky, is directed by David Barnard, who has credits on films and docs with artists like Radiohead and Björk, and will take place on April 12.

The band dedicated most of their Copenhagen set to performing songs off Skeleton Tree, but the show spanned their entire repertoire, including the title track of From Her To Eternity, their first album from 1984. That tour was one of the most emotional of the band’s career and connected deeply with audiences in varied, inimitable ways.

At the initial time of Skeleton Tree’s release, Cave declined to participate in interviews, instead releasing the making-of documentary One More Time With Feeling. In conversation with GQ months later, Cave said about the album and grieving process:

“The whole grief thing, there’s nothing good about it whatsoever,” he said. “People will tell you other things, but it’s like a f*cking disease. A contagion that not only affects you but everybody around you. And it’s cunning. And you can feel good and you can be getting on with things, and then it just comes up and sort of punches you in the back of the head and you’re down and you’re out for the count for a while. I don’t just mean psychologically, I mean physically too. Grief and illness and tiredness feed off each other in a kind of feeding frenzy.”

Ticket information for the screening of Distant Sky can be found here.