Nickelback Got Two Men Detained By The Cops, But Not For The Reason You Think

Listening to Nickelback should be against the law (“I find you guilty for trying to rock out to Silver Side Up. OFF WITH YOUR RAT-TAILED HAIR”). Yet I can’t help but empathize with two Idaho men who were detained after cops misheard “Nickelback” as “nickel sack,” a comically small amount of weed.

The male filming the exchange [tells] a deputy, who is off camera, that he doesn’t understand why they are “being harassed like this.”

Responding to the question, a deputy tells the two men that when the passenger got out of the vehicle he heard him say, “Yeah, a nickel sack for sure.”

“No – Nickelback,” the filmer responds.

“That guy over there was blasting Nickelback,” the passenger says.

And so the War on Nickelback has begun. THANKS OBAMA. (No, seriously, thanks.) Here’s footage from the altercation. Be sure to have the volume all the way up for the sick tune at the beginning.

Via CDA Press