Nickelback Makes For Some Kick-Ass Final Words In This Morbid Rock And Roll Sketch On ‘SNL’

Nickelback has gotten a lot of flack over the years from all corners of the music world. They are the definition of the post-grunge era of rock music, alongside bands like Creed and Foo Fighters. While Dave Grohl’s band has avoided a lot of the negativity, the same can’t be said for the others and Nickelback likely leads the bunch.

But for this brief moment, SNL kinda makes it seem like Nickelback rocks pretty hard. There are plenty of people that legitimately love the band out there, so it’s not too shocking or far-fetched to think that Mrs. Gomez would want to spend her final moments on Earth singing one of their songs with her loved ones.

It’s a weird sketch from start to finish, but it’s the perfect type of sketch to end the show with next to Kyle Mooney’s rap or rock segment that calls back to his YouTube videos. It’s fun and you can tell everybody enjoyed it, even the dead woman. It also provided a top ten photograph of the band to celebrate the life of Lola Gomez. She might’ve fallen into the mosh pit at the show, but it was clearly worth it. Rest in peace.

(Via SNL)