Nicki Minaj And Ariana Grande Hit The Gym In Day-Glo For The ‘Side To Side’ Video

After they turned the set of the MTV VMAs into a day-glo workout session, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj dropped the official music video for “Side To Side.” True to their VMA set, the clip is a peek into the most star-studded SoulCycle class you’ve ever seen. (And also a reminder that Guess is a place where you can buy things).

They’ve been hyping the video for a minute, but the collaboration between two of pop’s biggest stars was definitely worth the wait.

Grande apparently teaches several classes in this gym, with workouts extending into the locker room. That has to be against gym rules, but apparently Ariana’s acolytes fear her more than a possible membership suspension.

On the other hand, we have Ms. Minaj. Not wanting to give any of her secrets to the #bodygoals crowd, Nicki opts out of the gym routine and chills in the sauna surrounded by male models. Of course, Nicki doesn’t have to burn off the calories that come from the hundreds of doughnuts licked clean of their icing that Grande leaves in her wake every single day. And it’s entirely possible that Nicki opted out of recording her part of the video and we’re just getting a glimpse of how she spends an average day.

Either way, the video from Dangerous Woman is awesome. Check it out up top.