Watch Nicki Minaj Call Out Miley Cyrus During Her VMAs Acceptance Speech

Nicki Minaj took home the VMA for Best Hip-Hop Video for her “Anaconda” clip on Sunday night, but not without brewing up some controversy first. While Minaj already took advantage of the night to end one beef, she wasn’t going to let another one die so easily. Toward the end of her acceptance speech, Minaj called out host Miley Cyrus for comments she made earlier in the week in which she blamed Minaj for her end of the infamous Nicki-Taylor Swift beef, and called her “not polite.”

It’s unclear whether the moment was scripted or not, but Miley didn’t seem too caught off guard and handled it pretty well, coming back with a reply about how the press twists words. Either way, the VMAs basically morphed into a WWE event for a quick minute. Miley better watch what she says going forward, or Nicki may RKO her at the next awards show.

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