Nicki Minaj Offers $100K For Footage Of Her NYFW Fight With Cardi B

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Nicki Minaj continues to troll Cardi B on Queen Radio Apple Music show, this time offering up a $100,000 reward to anyone with footage of her New York Fashion Week fight with Cardi B. More specifically, she wants proof that Cardi’s visible noggin knot came not from a security guard bumping her as she lunged at the head Barb, but from Nicki’s friend Rah Ali, whom she alleges put the paws on the Bronx “Bhickenhead” rapper.

Nicki also made time to deny the recent accusations from Cardi’s sister Hennessy Carolina that Nicki leaked Cardi’s phone number. However the phone number got into the wild, the Barbz have apparently run with it, using it to harrass Cardi and threaten her daughter, Kulture, despite Nicki’s insistence that she herself would never go after someone else’s child.

The feud seems to be escalating by the minute, with Cardi reportedly loading up her next album with spiteful bars demeaning her “Motorsport” co-star, while Nicki’s own verse from the recent Future and Juice WRLD collaborative mixtape was also interpreted as a Cardi B diss. Hopefully, these two can keep it in the music, but as their disagreement has already spilled out into real life on at least one occasion, it’s looking like they’ll need their own J. Prince to step in sooner rather than later.

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