Nicki Minaj Spent Her Sunday Slaying ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham On Twitter

nicki minaj farrah abraham
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MTV’s 16 And Pregnant, Teen Mom, and all of its offshoots have long been one of my guilty pleasures. Apparently Teen Mom OG is one of Nicki Minaj’s many indulgences as well because she spent her Sunday morning live tweeting the show, and Nicki came to the conclusion that most people have come to while watching it: Farrah Abraham is the worst.

For those who don’t know much about Farrah, the first thing her Twitter bio says is “RealityStar/Celebrity” and that pretty much tells her whole story. Her claim to fame beyond the show is the one time she did porn and tried to pass it off as a home video, despite the fact that it was very clearly an expensive production with a famous porn star. Anyway, Farrah got wind of Nicki’s tweets and responded.

Which drew a response from Nicki.

And some grammar correction.

Farrah went on to explain her relationship with her mother, which does come off as sketchy on the show, and called Nicki out for daring to watch reruns.

In Nicki’s defense, Farrah is definitely pretty terrible on the show. All in all, Farrah got exactly what she wanted – the attention from someone much more famous than her. Actually, she got that and then some, at least for the moment. Eventually, Nicki went back to enjoying her Sunday and tweeting about kissing Meek Mill and all was well in the world.