Nicki Minaj Was Not Impressed By Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Anaconda’ Dancing

The 2015 American Music Awards were held last night. You may have been unaware of this fact because the Jennifer Lopez-hosted special was on at the same time as Sunday Night Football and The Walking Dead. But it happened, we swear! Celine Dion made people cry, as she’s wont to do; Justin Bieber stood in the rain; and Coldplay’s Chris Martin danced with some gorillas. Taylor Swift took home three awards, One Direction won Artist of the Year, and Casting Crowns is America’s “Favorite Contemporary Inspirational Artist,” apparently. I think they misspelled Counting Crows.

But that’s not what anyone’s talking about this morning. This is.

Nicki Minaj is not impressed by J-Lo’s booty, or her covering “Anaconda.” It’s a great moment in “cut to someone in the crowd during an awards show” history, not quite on the level of Quentin Tarantino’s coke wizard, but far better than any dancing Swift and her #squad cronies have done in the aisles.

The Internet seemed to enjoy it.

Minaj denied any shade-throwing.

Maybe she was still thinking about Miley? Meanwhile, Meek Mill seemed VERY interested in Nicki.