Nicki Minaj And John Mayer Are Getting Hot And Heavy On Twitter

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09.08.17 6 Comments

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Well isn’t this an interesting development? Of course, John Mayer’s massive early 2000s hit “You Body Is A Wonderland” had plenty of women wondering if their body was his wonderland… and apparently he spent some time wondering what Ms. Wonderland Body herself, aka Nicki Minaj, would think of him:

Well, someone in Nicki’s camp must’ve alerted her to the tweet, and she took it upon herself to reply, bringing up his old hit:

For now, all Mayer an do is stare nervously at his phone. More soon.

Lately, John Mayer has been much more active on Twitter, partially because he put an album out this year, no doubt — and in the lead up to that record’s drop he admitted that his fame has impacted how he speaks of people he’s been in relationships with.

For her part, Nicki has been through the ringer with dramatic ex-boyfriends and beef with other female rappers. Of course, this is probably all just a bit of fun and suggestive Twitter flirting, but boy, with all the other bullsh*t going on in the world right now, I’m having a lot of fun imaging this odd couple out on a date together. Or maybe just a hit single collab?

We’ll be waiting on your follow up tweet, John.

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