Nicki Minaj Hints She Is Married After Changing Her Twitter Name To ‘Mrs. Petty’

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Word has been circulating that Nicki Minaj married her longtime friend and recent boyfriend Kenneth Petty. The rapper has not directly responded to the rumors, but she has changed her Twitter name to read “Mrs. Petty,” indicating she is taking her boyfriend’s last name.

Minaj changed her Twitter name after dropping the “Welcome To The Party” remix with Pop Smoke.

Petty and Minaj have known each other since childhood, having both grown up in Queens, but they only began officially dating a year ago. Minaj introduced her relationship with Petty via an Instagram post last December. Less than a month ago, it was revealed the couple had obtained a marriage license from the Beverly Hills Courthouse. This meant they were to be married in 90 days or less, otherwise they needed to obtain another license.

Minaj has referred to herself as “Petty” before. On a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Minaj rapped “I am Miss Petty” after being challenged to a freestyle game where she was tasked with creating a verse out of the words “yeti,” “hexagon,” and “Edible Arrangement.” However, the new Twitter name is the most official announcement she has made about her marriage with Petty thus far.