Nicki Minaj Does Not Appear To Think Highly Of Melania Trump

Rule of thumb: When an artist suddenly increases their presence online it’s because they’re about to sell you something. So when Nicki Minaj started increasing her visibility beyond her typical Instagram slayage, it was a dead giveaway that she has something tucked away and is ready to give it to the public. Maybe that album troll wasn’t a complete fake out after all?

Now, that doesn’t make the things she’s saying these days any less true, but clearly she has some motivation here and that’s perfectly fine. She’s been extremely vocal lately, and her latest bit of off the cuff banter included a big shot at presidential candidate Donald Trump’s wife, because Nicki knows how to maximize her SEO probably.

“If you a champion female in this mothaf*cking building. If can’t no weak ass clown ass mothaf*cking n***a bring you the f*ck down, make some mothaf*cking noise,” she said during her set at Tidal X’s latest benefit concert. “Cause you n***as is so f***ing weak y’all got the audacity to be intimidated by a bad mothaf*cking queen and get your mothaf*cking feelings hurt but it’s O-mothaf**cking-K because Barack needed a Michelle b*tch. And Bill, needed a mothaf*cking Hillary b*tch. You better pray to god you don’t get stuck with a mothaf*cking Melania.”

One thing is for sure, that’s enough mothaf*ckings to make Bernie Mac proud.

Now, as for the clearly profanity-laced rant of sorts, if you squint and put on your tinfoil hat there’s a few layers here. All of the stuff about weak ass clowns being intimidated by bad queens? That might, maybe, possibly be a shot at Drake for the infamous “is that a world tour or your girl’s tour” line from his Meek Mill diss “Back to Back.” Maybe.

Beyond that, Nicki obviously endorsed Hillary Clinton in the presidential race and Melania was collateral damage. Nick has always been about empowerment of women, saying recently she can do anything Jay Z can do, so Hillary was an obvious choice for her.

As for the disdain for Melania? Well, we know Nicki doesn’t like it when women don’t write their own raps. By that logic, plagiarizing political speeches is a no no as well? Sounds about right.