Nicki Minaj Responds With Laughter To Accusations Of Butt Photoshopping

Nicki Minaj is no stranger to controversy. Usually, her own tweeting fingers start the drama, but this time, her butt is the culprit. There are plenty of conspiracy theories surrounding the authenticity of Nicki’s cheeks, but Nicki posted her own set of photos on Instagram that transformed the rumors into accusations of photo trickery. In these pictures, Nicki can be seen next to a robotic-looking Meek Mill. People noticed some strange warping in the vicinity of Nicki’s tush in this picture. To be more specific, the gentleman in the background (her hairstylist) appears to have lost a chunk of his leg.

This photo launched an unbelievable amount of Photoshop-related controversy in Nicki’s Instagram comments. People were pretty worked up over the butt.

The fuss went a little overboard. Anyone who’s seen Nicki’s butt-filled “Anadonda” video knows that her physical proportions do exist. Whether she’s had help years ago shall remain a mystery. One thing is certain — Nicki doesn’t need assistance from Photoshop. She even captioned her photo, “yall so damn crazy. I was like we don’t need to do that.”

One more thing happened with Nicki this weekend. She called Meek her “baby father” onstage in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. You can see a video clip of that moment right here. Nicki’s followup tweet made light of the situation, so she was probably joking.

Let’s do one more picture. This time with duckface from Nicki and another robot face from Meek. They’re enjoying themselves, right?