Nicki Minaj Tweeted A Baby Emoji And Now The Internet Is Freaking Out Thinking She’s Pregnant

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It must be insane to have over 20 million followers on Twitter, and have just about every single tweet you send out go viral, no matter what it says. Take, for instance, this one Nicki Minaj tweet that consists of nothing more than a single emoji.

Nicki had 139 characters left to provide context to that tweet, but she left plenty of ambiguity to leave her fans freaking the f*ck out over just what exactly a baby emoji means coming from her. Of course, most are being perfectly rational and surmising that she is pregnant and having the baby soon with possibly Nas, because that’s just exactly how the internet works.

The 34-year-old has yet to elaborate, and while she’s rumored to be dating Nas, there has been no such whispers about her having a baby on the way. Nicki does seem to be gearing up to release an album soon, as she’s dropped a slew of singles in the past few months, including “No Frauds” with Drake and Lil Wayne and she’s even increased her presence online and on television.

A baby might throw those plans for a loop, or the tweet could be perfectly meaningless and harmless, causing a fervor for nothing. That didn’t stop her fans from losing it on Twitter though, so check out some of the best reactions below.