Hear The Song Nicolas Jaar Originally Left Off ‘Sirens’ Because It Scared Him

Chilean-American producer Nicolas Jaar announced yesterday via Twitter that a deluxe edition of his most recent album, Sirens, was set to be released this Friday. Today Jaar has shared the first of three album outtakes that will appear on the deluxe album, called “Coin In Nine Hands.” You can hear the song above.

From the outset it’s unclear as to why Jaar might’ve left the song off of the original cut of Sirens — it has an immediate and irresistible hook, from the simple bass line to Jaar’s almost rapped vocal that recalls the detached cool and dangerous intensity of Lou Reed.

Maybe it was too dangerous, as Jaar said he initially left the song off of Sirens because the song originally left him “scared.”

But despite all that, Jaar says “Coin In Nine Hands” stuck with him and slid its way into every one of his live sets.

Jaar also tweeted out a number of news articles that he references in the song, making clear that the “nine hands” referred to in the title refers to nine real people, all of whom were political prisoners at the time Jaar penned the track.

This deluxe reissue news arrives ahead of another new project that Jaar has alluded to on Twitter, saying he has an album of ambient music ready.

Sirens (Deluxe Edition) tracklist:

1. “Killing Time”
2. “Wildflowers”
3. “The Governor”
4. “Coin In Nine Hands”
5. “Leaves”
6. “No”
7. “Three Sides Of Nazareth”
8. “History Lesson”
9. “America / I’m For The Birds”

Sirens (Deluxe Edition) is out on 12/8 via Other People.