Premiere: Night Idea’s Terrifying ‘Canopy’ Video Will Get You In The Mood For Halloween

Richmond, Virginia’s Night Idea just released their new album Riverless earlier this month, with nine progressive psych tracks that land perfectly between King Crimson and Electric Light Orchestra, if either of those artists used distortion pedals to make their sound a little more emo. Today, we’re happy to premiere the video for the album’s lead track “Canopy,” which features David Lynch-esque visuals depicting a couple going through their days with their gaze permanently fixed on the sky, before they kidnap a child to replace the one they seemingly lost… At least that’s what it seems like. When asked to give a synopsis of the video, director Adam Rosenberg said that the video tells the story of “a benumbed couple stumble through life in an abandoned town, while nurturing a child who is no longer there.”

All of this cryptic visualization takes place over the soundtrack of three-and-a-half minutes of Night Idea’s spastic instrumentation that makes the video all the more uneasy, with tension sometimes lifted by the entrance of polished vocals. The song is great, and the video honestly really scary, which makes it a perfect choice for your pre-Halloween preparations. Check out the “Canopy” video above.

Riverless is out now via Gigantic Noise/Citrus City Records. Pick it up here.